New Podcast Interview with Robert Greene and Ryan Hawk!

Robert Greene joined Ryan Hawk’s podcast on leadership and learning. Very insightful to listen to!

New Podcast Interview with Robert Greene!

Robert Greene spoke recently with the I’m Not You Podcast about developing power and overcoming fear. Enjoy!


Robert Greene’s Advice on Creating a Classic

Recent article written by Ryan Holiday, former apprentice of Robert Greene, on Robert Greene’s advice for creating a classic book (like The 48 Laws of Power). Enjoy!


N is for the New Prince

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A concept stemming from Machiavelli and referenced in The 50th Law. For Machiavelli, the New Prince is someone who, through dint of ingenuity and boldness, rises up to power from the bottom. They were not born with advantages; rather, they seized opportunities, acted quickly and with courage, adapted to the times, and overcame obstacles.

For Greene, a classic example of the New Prince is Napoleon Bonaparte, whose deep penchant for military strategy and strong ambition to be in power allowed him, despite humble beginnings, to rise through the ranks and become Emperor of France.

J is for the Jaws of Ingratitude

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An image from The 48 Laws of Power. The Jaws of Ingratitude represents the fate of powerful people who bestow favors upon friends. Because people like to feel they’ve earned favors, they will often turn envious and ungrateful if a powerful friend gives them a favor. Beware of envy and ingratitude – don’t put too much trust in friendship.

I is for Indirection

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Foundational principle in Greene’s philosophy. Indirection involves concealing your intentions and maneuvers for power behind seemingly innocuous acts, such as giving gifts or compliments, presenting a boring exterior, using selective honesty, being charming, and so on. For Greene, we must learn to take the indirect route if we want to achieve power.