U is for the Undefensive Lover

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A sub-character of The Natural (The Art of Seduction). The Undefensive Lover is someone who rarely gets defensive in the face of resistance; rather, they bend to others’ influence and stay receptive to new experiences. Holding onto a child-like nature, they are graceful, playful, and youthful.

R is for the Rake

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One of the nine seductive characters from The Art of Seduction. Primarily male, the Rake embodies the female fantasy of a man who will do anything – face any obstacle, bear any risk – to be with her. Unrestrained, bold, and a master of seductive language, the Rake knows how to inflame a woman’s desire, providing an alluring blend of danger and pleasure.

F is for The Fox

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A symbol from Machiavelli’s The Prince. When a leader comes to power, it is important that he or she knows when to act like a fox – cunning, deceptive, indirect. The best time to play a fox is in the face of toughness or aggression – when someone is openly aggressive, or a situation is clearly unfair. Learn the ways of the fox, using deception and indirection to hide your intentions from the people around you and trap them without their knowing.

D is for the Dark Side

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A concept that Greene explores throughout all his books, especially The Art of Seduction. Akin to Carl Jung’s “shadow,” the basic premise is this: we all have a dark side, a part of our personality that no one ever sees, but we all know is there. It is the part of our personality that we hide from the world, but which comes out in glimpses – in little lies we tell or maneuvers we make, or in strong emotional reactions to something.

Typically the dark side is filled with a lot of aggression and insecurity. If you pay attention to people – to their body language, to their reactions, to what they say when they are vulnerable – you can form a better picture of what their dark sides are.