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The Descent of Power: Selected Writings by Robert Greene

This eBook features short writings by Robert Greene, compiled and edited by yours truly. The essays center on the theme of success in the digital age, and how you can develop the power, seduction, and war skills to build your influence, seduce your audience, and outmaneuver the competition.

The Daily Power Journal: Master the laws of power, one day at a time

The Daily Power Journal is your master tool for practicing and internalizing the 48 laws. Split into a morning and evening routine, The Daily Power Journal allows you to apply the laws to your life and take action towards increasing your power. Sign up to receive your free PDF and learn how you can become a master power player, one day at a time.

The SPAR Method: How to Master the 48 Laws in Four Simple Steps

The SPAR Method teaches readers a simple, easy-to-use system for learning, applying, and mastering the 48 laws of power to their own lives. In the eBook, readers will learn a four step system – called the SPAR method – to analyze their situation, find the right law to use, and create an action plan for moving forward. With concrete strategies and examples, The SPAR Method condenses the timeless principles and wisdom for The 48 Laws of Power into actionable steps readers can use to apply the 48 laws of power to their own lives and never feel powerless again.