To master the arts of power, seduction, and war, you need to develop yourself – your ability to control your emotions, read others, and learn from your mistakes. This can be done by incorporating certain practices into your everyday routine.

Below are practices inspired by Greene’s work for helping you master the arts of power, seduction, and war (check back often as this page will be updated from time to time).

The SPARR Method

This practice allows you to use the 48 laws of power to analyze past situations or problems you’ve had to see what you did right and where you went wrong.

The Dossier

This practice allows you to keep track of the people around you to determine if they are allies or foes and what their agendas are.

Breathing Meditation

This simple practice is designed, over time, to help you improve focus, better control your emotions, and gain better perspective on your life. 

The Contrary Path

This practice is aimed to help you develop a fluid mind that is able to consider multiple points of view and consider alternative ways of doing things.

In Their Shoes

This practice involves putting yourself in another person’s mind in order to develop your social intelligence skills.

WAR Declaration

This practice allows you to define who or what it is that you are against in life – someone or something that motivates you by stirring your hatred or contempt – so that you have a greater sense of purpose and focus.