This page features resources you can read or download to help you build the power, seduction, and strategy skills necessary to achieve success and influence in life. All the resources are based on the work and ideas of Robert Greene.

The 48 Laws of Power Tactical Reference Guide

BY Mark Blasini PowerSeductionandWarFansite.Com

A slideshare document that features 16 techniques referenced in The 48 Laws of Power to help you build and keep power in whatever arena you choose.

The SPARR Method Sheet

A complement to the SPARR Method, this sheet allows you to use the 48 laws of power to analyze past situations or problems you’ve had to see what you did right and where you went wrong.

The Dossier Profile Sheet

A complement to The Dossier practice, this sheet allows you to keep track of the people around you to determine if they are allies or foes and what their agendas are.

WAR Declarations

A complement to the WAR Declaration practice, this sheet allows you to define who or what it is that you are against in life – someone or something that motivates you by stirring your hatred or contempt – so that you have a greater sense of purpose and focus.