Amor Fati: A New Coin by Robert Greene and Ryan Holiday

Robert Greene and his old apprentice Ryan Holiday have collaborated to create a coin based on the concept of amor fati – love of fate. Inspired by Nietzsche and Stoic philosophy, the coin serves as a reminder not simply to accept reality, the good and the bad, but to embrace it.

New Podcast Interview with Robert Greene and Ryan Hawk!

Robert Greene joined Ryan Hawk’s podcast on leadership and learning. Very insightful to listen to!

P is for Primal Inclinations

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A concept from Mastery. Primal Inclinations refer to those activities or subjects that deeply interest us, and especially interested us as we were kids. These activities or subjects could be things like writing, playing with certain toys, reading about certain scientific fields, building things.

Albert Einstein, for example, was fascinated as an early child with a compass that his father had given him, and it was from that fascination that he developed a deep interest in physics. For Greene, one of the main ways to find your life’s task – your calling in life – is to look at your primal inclinations – those subjects or activities that really fascinate you or drew your attention as a child.

O is for The Original Mind

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A concept from Mastery. The Original Mind is the mind of a child, and reflects how children often see the world. With the Original Mind, the child sees the world as full of imaginative possibility. Everything is infused with wonder and flexibility. For Greene, as we grow older, we lose this original mind, seeing the world as more strict and conventional. The goal of Mastery is to try to regain a sense of this original mind, combing it with our knowledge of our craft.

M is for Margin of Control

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Concept from The 50th Law. Margin of Control refers to the level of control you have over the people and circumstances you encounter in life. For most people, this margin of control is very small – we have very little influence over the people or events that cross our paths or the events. However, as you start to control your mindset, developing a philosophy of fearlessness in your life, you’ll start to see this margin of control increase, and you’ll have greater influence over your situation and the people you encounter.

L is for Life’s Task


One of the most important concepts from Mastery. A person’s life’s task is the specific calling, or vocation, of that individual. It is what that person is designed to do or express in life – a reflection of his or her deepest interests, talents, and yearnings. Greene advises using one’s life’s task as a way to guide one’s decisions and interests. To discover your life’s task, look at activities you used to love as a child or things that deeply interest you if you read about or see it.

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J is for the Jaws of Ingratitude

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An image from The 48 Laws of Power. The Jaws of Ingratitude represents the fate of powerful people who bestow favors upon friends. Because people like to feel they’ve earned favors, they will often turn envious and ungrateful if a powerful friend gives them a favor. Beware of envy and ingratitude – don’t put too much trust in friendship.