New Podcast Interview with Robert Greene and Ryan Hawk!

Robert Greene joined Ryan Hawk’s podcast on leadership and learning. Very insightful to listen to!

U is for the Undefensive Lover

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A sub-character of The Natural (The Art of Seduction). The Undefensive Lover is someone who rarely gets defensive in the face of resistance; rather, they bend to others’ influence and stay receptive to new experiences. Holding onto a child-like nature, they are graceful, playful, and youthful.

R is for the Rake

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One of the nine seductive characters from The Art of Seduction. Primarily male, the Rake embodies the female fantasy of a man who will do anything – face any obstacle, bear any risk – to be with her. Unrestrained, bold, and a master of seductive language, the Rake knows how to inflame a woman’s desire, providing an alluring blend of danger and pleasure.