The 6 Types of Power Situations

Anyone who has tried to apply The 48 Laws of Power consistently to their lives probably understands how difficult the process can be. Many of the laws don’t relate to one another, and some even directly contradict each other.

Truth is, each of the laws apply to different situations, and in order to make best use of them, you have to know what kind of situation you’re in. This is crucial to being able to gain power in your situation.

Figuring out your situation doesn’t have to be hard, however. Accordingly, there are about 6 different types of situations you’re going to find yourself in:

  1. Oppositional – this is a situation where you’re facing an adversary of some sort. For example, a competitive coworker.
  2. Persuasion – this is a situation where you’re trying to persuade or convince someone to do or accept something. For example, your boss or a client.
  3. Leadership – this is where you’re trying to motivate someone (a student, an employee, a child) to follow your lead.
  4. Branding – this is a situation where you’re trying to build a name for yourself or your enterprise.
  5. Security – this is a situation where you’re facing a big crisis and you’re in danger of losing something valuable (e.g. time, money, a relationship, etc.). For example, losing your job or a big client.
  6. Enterprising – this is a situation where you’re trying to accomplish or enact something – like a business, or an event, or even a seduction.

Once you’ve categorized your situation, then you can find the right laws that apply to your situation. Some laws apply to oppositional situations (e.g. Law 15, “Crush your enemy totally), other laws apply to persuasion (e.g. Law 13, “When asking for help, appeal to self-interest”), and so on.

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