WAR Declaration

This is a practice Greene developed for himself when writing his books. It follows from the first chapter of The 33 Strategies of War: “Declare War on Your Enemies: The Polarity Strategy.”

The basic premise behind WAR declarations is to define who or what it is that you are against in life – a type of person or attitude or worldview or thinking that makes your blood boil and stirs your contempt.

For this practice, get a blank piece of paper (or flash card) or open up a digital document (or download this template). Then follow this process:

  1. Write down who or what it is you want to declare war on. Try to make it general (people who are passive aggressive, political correctness, crony capitalism) rather than specific (e.g. your boss, your co-worker, a certain political party). This allows you to identify what it is about them that you hate.
  2. Write down why you want to declare war on them. What is it about this person or thing that makes your blood boil? What is it that bothers you or troubles you about them? You can write this down as a list (I hate when they do x, y, z) or as a paragraph.
  3. Save these declarations and read them often. This allows you to remind yourself what you are against and what you stand for. It may also allow you to change your mind later. Maybe what you were so against before is not so important any more. Maybe you’ve changed your mind. Use these declarations to help you keep track of your attitude towards life.

Always keep in mind the purpose of this practice: not to whine or place blame on your enemies, but to unite your mind against one clear enemy. This gives you something to focus your energy on, a sense of purpose.