What Type of Power Player Are You?

We all have the potential to achieve great power – to persuade, to lead, to defeat, and to thrive. However, many of us are not aware of the natural qualities we possess to help us acquire and conserve our power.

Truth is, each person tends to play the power game in different ways. Some people tend to rely on their charm or charisma to gain power, others tend to rely on cunning or strategy in order to get ahead.

Accordingly, there are five types of people who gain power. I call these people “power players.” Each of these are covered to some extent throughout Greene’s work.

Here are the five types:

  1. The Master. The Master gains power through their ability to create remarkable results and keep others dependent on them. These are the Michelangelos, Da Vincis, Einsteins of the world.
  2. The Leader. The Leader uses charisma, energy, and boldness to motivate others and drive them towards action. These are the Napoleons, the Alexander the Greats, the Julius Caesars of the world.
  3. The Strategist. The Strategist uses deception, cunning, and indirection to trick or outmaneuver others. These are the Sun-tzus, the Chuko Liangs, the Henry Kissingers of the world.
  4. The Seducer. The Seducer uses pleasure and mystery to keep others enthralled and under their spell. They know how to create pleasure, attract people, and keep them under their thumb. These are the Casanovas, the John F. Kennedys, the Marilyn Monroes of the world.
  5. The Courtier. The Courtier uses diplomacy, tact, and indirection to secure influence and power. These types know how to navigate different social circles are the Talleyrands and the Benjamin Disraelis.

Take a look at yourself. Which type are you – a master, a leader, a strategist, a seducer, or a courtier? Knowing your type gives you important insight into how you can yourself play the power game and come out on top.

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